Oregon Values and Beliefs

Excerpts from Statewide Survey by DHM Research

What are the most important issues that you want your local government officials to do something about?

“Education is the most important. Improving access to good education in K-12 and affordable tuition at public colleges and universities.”
— Female, age 25-34, Willamette Valley 

“I live in a city and we receive solid services, but our neighbors in rural areas and some smaller towns are in bad shape: law enforcement has been cut to almost zero, social services are hurting, few options exist to help people get back onto their feet.”
— Male, age 55-64, southern Oregon

“We have a greater population that when I was growing up. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources for local government to continue to provide the services they once were able to…we need a quality police force, well-trained fire personnel, and well-maintained roadways.” 
— Male, age 55-64, Willamette Valley

“If [PERS] is not solved, there won't be any money for necessary public services such as K-12 education, roads/infrastructure, public safety etc.”
— Male, age 55-64, Willamette Valley

“Fund the services and programs that make our local community a great place to live.”
— Male, age 75+, southern Oregon

What are the most important issues that you want your state government officials to do something about?

“I think we need to figure out a way to offer balanced local and county services in which there is relative equality of paying for those services and receiving the services. Some counties are bankrupt, roads are deteriorating, local services are terribly uneven in quantity and quality. While not specifically a state government issue it still needs attention and a remedy that is most likely to be handled by state government — if only in a leadership and consensus-building role.”
— Male, age 55-64, southern Oregon

“Our educational system needs serious attention, as does much of our infrastructure. Perhaps our most pressing need is to continue to get ourselves prepared for the inevitable earthquake and tsunami. The coast is not ready, nor are the big population centers.”
— Male, age 65-74, Willamette Valley

What is the most important issue in your community that you want leaders to do something about?

“Come up with a meaningful budget and tax structure that truly meets the needs of all in the community.”
— Male, age 65+, rest of state

“Affordable housing and education. Both are not supported strongly enough, and I think it is the only thing holding the community back.”
— Male, age 35-54, Willamette Valley

Caitlin Baggott